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Light This City

Light This City


Laura Nichol- Vocals

Ben Murray- Drums

Ryan Hansen- Lead Guitar

Steve Hoffman- Rhythm Guitar

Jon Frost- Bass


LIGHT THIS CITY began in 2002, when best friends Laura Nichol and Ben Murray decided to start a melodic death metal project in the vein of At the Gates, Carcass, In Flames, and all the Scandinavian bands that inspired them to play fast, melodic, crushing music, largely untouched by the American population of metalcore, death-core, and numerous other subgenres of heavy metal that were ignoring the monstrous influences of the 90’s. After the sparks were lit, Laura and Ben soon wrote their debut 2003 Full-Length, ‘The Hero Cycle’, which quickly landed them a deal with Prosthetic Records, who would go on to release the band’s following three landmark albums.

As Murray and Nichol neared the end of high-school, LIGHT THIS CITY started touring in summers and winter breaks, across the US, into Mexico, Canada, and everywhere else possible. Soon came 2005’s “Remains of the Gods”, which sparked the rest of the LIGHT THIS CITY’s trajectory on Prosthetic Records, and saw the band traveling all across the world in support of their Bay Area brand of melodic-death metal infused Thrash. “Remains of the Gods” gained favorable reviews and it seemed as if the metal press knew what was in store for Light This City… Then came 2006’s “Facing the Thousand”.

We’re coming up on 10 years since the band’s undeniably most popular album, “Facing the Thousand”. By the time Nichol and Murray had arrived into 2006, they were out of high-school, on the road full-time, with a full band in tow (Steve Hoffman on Guitar, Ryan ‘Hollywood’ Hansen on Lead Guitar, and Jon Frost on Bass). “Facing the Thousand” saw the band on the road in support of a multitude of metal acts such as Death Angel, Vader, Malevolent Creation, Edguy, Into Eternity, All That Remains, Chimaira, Soilent Green, Darkest Hour, Suicide Silence, Misery Signals, and many more, gaining the band a rapid exposure into the metal mainstream. With the ferocity and fire of Laura Nichol’s unique vocal delivery, and a band of 4 long-haired headbanging tried-and true metalheads, the elements for LIGHT THIS CITY’s success were in place. The band released their first music video for “The Unwelcome Savior” (which has since surpassed 1.5 million views on YouTube), which aired on Headbanger’s Ball, allowing for a more international audience to latch onto LIGHT THIS CITY’s refreshing and melodic sound.

After a 3 year touring cycle on ‘Facing the Thousand’, the band retreated to Oakland, CA to record their 4th album, the ambitious “Stormchaser”, which saw a guest vocal appearance by Chuck Billy of TESTAMENT fame. Because Laura/Murray, and the rest of the LTC crew had been touring full-time since their early teen-years, adulthood had caught up to the band in a multitude of ways, and Light This City disbanded before even having the chance to tour on their fourth and final album.

In 2010, Light This City played 5 final shows, appropriately titled ‘The Final Thrash Attack’, in which the band was able to celebrate the songs of “Stormchaser”, and give the fans a bit of closure that they never received with the band’s sudden disappearance from the world of heavy metal. The shows went off without a hitch, but the band pursued other interests throughout the next 6 years. Murray/Nichol started HEARTSOUNDS (who have since released 2 albums on Epitaph Records, and toured the world extensively). Other members continued to play in other heavy bands, and everyone remained great friends, keeping friendship first and foremost. In September of 2015, DARKEST HOUR requested that Light This City coheadline the San Francisco date of their 20th anniversary tour. LIGHT THIS CITY quickly reunited within a few months to rehearse one final set that would celebrate the band’s 4-Album Career. The show was absolutely one for the books, with the band mostly focusing on tracks from 2006’s “Facing the Thousand” and 2008’s “Stormchaser”.


Facing the Thousand

Facing the Thousand