The Deader the Better
Purest Pain / D.E.M.O.
The Seventh Circle
Lose Your Delusion
The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn
Where Wild Sorrows Grow



Alex Hererra- Vocals

Elliot Morrow- Guitar

Cole Kakimoto- Guitar

Josef Alfonso- Bass

Brian Do- Drums


From the depths of San Jose, California comes crawling a new and shocking blend of disgustingly heavy old-school death metal by the name of SPINEBREAKER. Formed in late 2013, SPINEBREAKER has been slowly slithering and making waves in the Bay Area Hardcore and Metal community with their crushing and explosive blend of European-Inspired Death Metal. Their debut offering and upcoming Creator-Destructor 12″ LP, “Ice Grave”, provides a soundtrack of raw, sonic death-metal annihilation in a world of human filth, greed, and corruption.

Through the 12 tracks that make-up “Ice Grave”, SPINEBREAKER remind the listener of the glory days of 90’s Scandinavian and American Death Metal in a way that is refreshing and punishing, without falling victim to the trend of 21st Century Entombed-Worship HM-2 clones. While the band varies in tempo throughout their debut release, sometimes grooving into “Heartwork” era down-tuned riffage, and other times blasting their way through an onslaught of tremolo and thrash, the songs never cease to impress in their ability to maintain brutally heavy, while diverse and violent in their own way. Songs like “Internal Bleeding” and “River of Pain” pay homage to and reflect the musical range of of mid-tempo death metal influences such as Obituary and Bolt Thrower, while vocalist Alex Herrera completely dominates the songs in a way that would make Matt K√§rki and Jeff Walker proud. Guitarists Cole Kakimoto and Elliot Morrow never cease to turn down the intensity of their down-tuned twin axe assault of sludge and punishment, which helps mould SPINEBREAKER’s sound into one of complete devastation.

Make no mistake, while “Ice Grave” is by all means a pure death metal record, SPINEBREAKER’s sound and tendency for intense-as-fuck live performances has arisen out of love for an array of D-Beat, Punk, Hardcore, and Death Metal alike. SPINEBREAKER is pure audio destruction: not overly calculated, lightning-fast or-technical, but reliably menacing and tremendously heavy. If you love the sound of old-school death metal combined with the hardcore fury and a unique, blood-pumping urgency, look no further.


Ice Grave

Ice Grave
Promo Cassette 2019

Promo Cassette 2019