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Wilderness Dream

Wilderness Dream


Ben Murray- Guitar/Vocals

Trey Derbes- Drums 

Ryan Hansen- Guitar/Vocals 

Bret Fontaine- Bass 



Born from the Thrash-Metal epicenter of the San Francisco Bay Area comes WILDERNESS DREAM, a brand-new four-piece heavy metal unit of destruction combining the speed and fury of 80’s thrash and 90’s death metal, with the melodic leanings and no-frills DIY aesthetic of modern day punk. Though boasting this unique amalgamation of influences, it comes as no surprise that the band would dawn both the melody-infused underpinnings and unrelenting intensity of the members’ current and past projects.

WILDERNESS DREAM consists of current HEARTSOUNDS frontman Ben Murray on Guitar/Vocals, who also played drums in the now defunct Bay Area Melodic Death Metal act, LIGHT THIS CITY (Prosthetic Records, 2002-2008). HEARTSOUNDS drummer Trey Derbes also provides the ripping percussive soundtrack to WILDERNESS DREAM’s debut Self-Titled 12″ EP, offering a natural, live, and completely unedited approach to the drum production – While Murray and Derbes began writing what would become WILDERNESS DREAM’s debut release throughout the past few years, the band didn’t become an entity of it’s own until Ryan Hansen entered the fold on second guitar and vocals, followed by Bret Fontaine joining in on bass guitar. Ryan Hansen and Ben Murray share a musical history as well, as Hansen played lead guitar in LIGHT THIS CITY, which contributes to the cohesive musical vision and camaraderie of what has now become WILDERNESS DREAM.

From”Metal fans of a certain age and MetalSucks readers who were with us very early on may remember Light This City, a talented melodic death metal band from San Francisco who for a brief moment seemed poised to break through. The band broke up in 2008, but drummer and band co-founder Ben Murray continued making music with Heartsounds (together with LTC vocalist Laura Nichol) and releasing music by that band and others on his label, Creator Destructor.Murray is back with another new project, this one decidedly more metal than Heartsounds (and possibly more than Light This City, too). In Wilderness Dream Murray drops his drumsticks in favor of a guitar pick and a microphone, and he’s joined by Ryan “Hollywood” Hansen (who played on LTC’s Stormchaser album) on guitar and Trey Derbes from Heartsounds on drums.. It’s fast and furious, it’s got roots in both metal and hardcore and it’s melodic without being cheesy at all.”

Clocking in at just under 15 minutes, the 6 songs that comprise the band’s debut release reflect a sonic-musical attack reminiscent of thrash legends in SACRIFICE and TESTAMENT, with a violent and unrestrained vocal approach, more akin to Crossover acts such as CURSED, RINGWORM, and INTEGRITY. Lyrically, Murray adopts a more stripped down and bleak approach to his death-obsessed, anxiety-ridden regurgitation of his experience, moving through an overpopulated, immoral, and devastatingly distracted human-landscape. The band explores their own interpretation of the futility and uncertainty of life, while never negating our all-encompassing, ever-growing and universal fear of the end.

With an unhinged vocal sincerity, blistering twin guitar assault, and undeniably crushing & thunderous rhythm section, WILDERNESS DREAM’s sound and identity has now been established. Furthermore, the next year is already shaping up to see the band on the road in support of their debut 12″ EP throughout the rest of 2015, soon to be followed by a second EP in late 2016.

‘S/T’ was recorded / mixed / mastered by Scott Goodrich in July of 2015 at NuTone Studios in Pittsburgh, CA and will see an October 15th release via Murray’s label, Creator-Destructor Records, in 12″ Gatefold Vinyl and Digital Formats.