The Deader the Better
Purest Pain / D.E.M.O.
The Seventh Circle
Lose Your Delusion
The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn
Where Wild Sorrows Grow

A Wilhelm Scream LPs, T-Shirts, & Posters Now on Sale!

Posted by admin on Jul.17, 2021

To all the folks who missed out on A Wilhelm Scream’s Mute Print / Ruiner / Career Suicide vinyl reissues & t-shirts back in March, we have good news! We are shipping out the last of the orders this week and stoked to announce that we have leftover inventory available at a handful of awesome online stores & distros around the world.

For North America customers, head to the ‘store’ tab! For international fans, head to the AWS Store to find the online store closest to your territory. We’re also excited to announce that we have 18” x 24” screen printed posters available of the “Mute Print”, “Ruiner”, and “Career Suicide” Dave Kloc art designs as well! These are available for United States customers only.

A Wilhelm Scream is widely regarded as one of the best, most impressive top-tier punk rock bands to emerge in the last twenty years. Like their counterparts in Propagandhi and Strung Out, the band has a knack for upping the tempos, increasing the levels of riffage and metal-inspired technicality, and consistently blow people’s minds with their unique brand of complex song structures and intensely personal lyrics that have had fans screaming their lungs out at lives shows across the world for nearly two decades now.