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A WILHELM SCREAM Joins Creator-Destructor / Vinyl Reissues!

Posted by admin on Mar.05, 2021

It’s a dream come true to announce that we’ve teamed up with the almighty A WILHELM SCREAM for three INSANE vinyl reissues of their legendary albums, “Mute Print”, “Ruiner”, and “Career Suicide” Three crucial albums that have defined an enormous part of the band’s sound and history. There are 4 different colored-vinyl variants for each release available for preorder, and we ship to anywhere in the world.

Only 1000 of each title is being pressed (250 per variant), and this will be a limited time sale that will run for a month. Shipping is expected to start in mid-May. If that wasn’t sweet enough, the amazing Dave Kloc created a brand new exclusive re-imaging of each album’s artwork/themes, which we’re offering as T-Shirts with this vinyl drop!

There are album-bundles available, and so much more, all at A Wilhelm Scream’s new BANDCAMP PAGE (and it happens to be Bandcamp Friday, which means no fees! 100% of the sales go directly to the artist). Head there now! Lots of other exciting news regarding AWS coming soon… Stay tuned!