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A WILHELM SCREAM Premiere “Be One To No One”

Posted by admin on Jan.07, 2022

Creator-Destructor Records and Massachusetts-based punk band A Wilhelm Scream are excited to announce the release of “Be One To No One,” the longstanding quintet’s first song in nine years. Recorded at the band’s Anchor End Studio in New Bedford, MA and produced by guitarist/vocalist Trevor Reilly and James Whitten, “Be One To No One” is a raucous and experimental shot of punk that squarely takes aim at anxiety, pain and self doubt. 

“This song, like most journeys, can
t be fully appreciated until youve come to the end,” vocalist Nuno Pereira said. “Only then do you truly get a chance to unpack all of the ups and downs youve survived along the way. Enjoy the ride my friends, thrive and never give up.” Watch “Be One To No One,” directed by Alessandro Pulisci and featuring artwork from Dave Kloc, on YouTube HERE!