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CARTILAGE Premiere 2nd Single Through Decibel Magazine!

Posted by admin on Apr.28, 2022

Decibel Magazine is hosting the premiere of “I Skin You,” the latest single from San Francisco gore-grind warriors CARTILAGE and their impending second LP, The Deader The Better – Produced under the watchful eyes of Exhumed’s Matt Harvey, The Deader The Better was recorded by Alejandro Corredor (Pounder, ex-Nausea) in January 2020 at Darker Corners Studio in San Luis Obispo. The album all at once features friends, peers, and gore metal grandmasters Ross Sewage (Impaled, Exhumed), Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, Terrorizer LA), and Tom Draper (Pounder, ex-Carcass) who all make guest appearances, sharpening CARTILAGE’s hemorrhaging stabs of grind for the masses. The Deader The Better is completed with cover art by Matt Slime, and includes a cover of Impetigo’s “Boneyard.” 

With the new premiere of the LP’s “I Skin You,” the CARTILAGE faction collectively offers, “Grit your teeth and hold onto your flesh. ‘I Skin You’ is exactly what the title suggests. You can’t spell ‘degloving’ without ‘loving!’”  Decibel writes in part, “‘I Skin You’ delivers all it promises — 2:45 of blast beats, sideways riffs, and horrific descriptions of human depravity.” Listen to the single HERE!

Creator-Destructor will release The Deader The Better on LP – 200 on Doublemint/Purple Swirl, 200 on Bone w/ Blood Red Splatter, and 100 on Mustard w/ Magenta Splatter – as well as cassette and digital formats on May 13th. Preorders HERE!