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DARKNESS EVERYWHERE Debut Single “Reign of Chaos”

Posted by admin on Jan.03, 2022

Oakland, California-based melodic death metal band DARKNESS EVERYWHERE has completed production on their debut EP, The Seventh Circle, set for release on 2/25/22.

DARKNESS EVERYWHERE unites vocalist/guitarist Ben Murray, guitarist Cameron Stucky, and renowned producer engineer Zack Ohren on bass. The band formed in late 2020 with the goal of writing songs heavily influenced by the classic mid-1990s Swedish melodic death metal sound. Murray is a founding member of Bay Area band Light This City, and Stucky is a member of symphonic melodic metal act, Crepuscle. Ohren recorded and produced all of Light This City’s albums throughout the past twenty years and continues to be one of the leading metal producers in the industry.The glory years of early In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity are what largely inform the sound and aesthetic of DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. The core of the band is built on the feel of those legendary records, while offering a refreshing take on the no frills melodic death metal sound.

Listen to the band’s single “Reign of Chaos” HERE!