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MENTAL CAVITY Premiere “Downtrodden” Single

Posted by admin on May.24, 2021

Australia’s MENTAL CAVITY have debuted the first single off their upcoming Creator-Destructor debut, “Mass Rebel Infest” – Check out “Downtrodden” HERE!

“Mass Rebel Infest” sees the band continuing to refine their sound, taking influence from bands such as Morbid Angel, Tragedy, Crowbar, and Autopsy, intertwining death metal riffing and vocals with punk and crustier d-beat pacing and attack.

Vocalist/guitarist Aaron Osborne reveals, “’Downtrodden’ is one of the first songs that I really vibed on for the record, it has a good collection of everything I like about MENTAL CAVITY; heavy slow parts, faster d-beat sections, and a bit of death metal groove. Lyrically, the song is about groups of people that get pushed to the margins of society and stepped over time and again by the structures that are designed to support them, and in turn benefit the higher powers instead. This is obviously shit, and it permeates through all of society, so why not yell about it? Taylor Young, who mixed the record, was kind enough to rip a quick guitar solo on it as well. One of my favorites from the album for sure.”