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MOHICANS Release 3-Song Digital EP Entitled “Bombay”

Posted by admin on Oct.18, 2016


MOHICANS are undoubtedly one of Northern California’s heaviest up and coming bands, and we are so excited to bring you three brand new tracks from these Bay Area destroyers in the form of a digital EP entitled “Bombay”! Produced by Scott Goodrich at NuTone Studios earlier this year, “Bombay” sees the band reach a new level of sheer heaviness and down-tuned mayhem, and is the first release to feature drummer Trey Derbes (Wilderness Dream, Heartsounds).

Creator-Destructor released the band’s debut self-titled 12″ EP in late 2015, and these three songs reflect and exciting progression in the band’s sound since their first offering. “Bombay” is sonically crushing, and all three tracks maintain the slight doses of melody and unrelenting raw energy that MOHICANS has become known for. With soul-swallowing G-standard riffing and a mid-tempo unbridled fury, “Bombay” is sure to please fans of heavy metal and hardcore alike, so spread the good word of MOHICANS! Head over to our Bandcamp site to purchase the $3 EP now!