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Posted by admin on Jan.23, 2018


The fine folks over at No Clean Singing have just premiered the 3rd single, “Trust No Pulse” from PISSED REGARDLESS upcoming 7″ release, “Feed the Birds” (out February 9th, 2018!) – NCS had this to say:

“The very name Pissed Regardless tells you some of what you need to know about this San Diego band, but there’s also more going on in their music than head-battering expressions of rampant rage and disgust, as you’ll find out when you let “Trust No Pulse” run roughshod through your cranium. Pissed Regardless discharge blasts of high-speed hardcore that include influences from thrash and grind as well as punk. “Trust No Pulse” is definitely propelled by a romping punk energy, and the rapid-fire lead vocals exude a rabid, coming-for-your jugular vehemence. It gets the blood rushing, but it’s the little nuances in the song that give it flair as well as fury — the bubbling bass notes that sync up with the bursts of drum hammering (and rise to the surface in other places); the flickering freakishness of the lead guitar; the gang shouts that make you want to shout right along with them; and an almost soaring quality to the melody as the song hits its peak.”

Don’t miss out on this track! Go stream it now by heading over to No Clean Singing!