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SLOWBLEED Joins Creator-Destructor / Debut Video!

Posted by admin on Oct.13, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the signing of Ventura County, California hardcore/metal quintet, SLOWBLEED.

SLOWBLEED is a band formed with a goal of achieving unrelenting extremity, bridging brutality and technicality within their blend of hardcore aggression and death metal precision. Born, bred, and raised on the bands of the Nardcore scene they grew up in, the Santa Paula-based band was started in 2017 by vocalist Jon Caytion, guitarist Logan Givan, and bassist Ozzy Parilla, later expanding with the addition of second guitarist John Laux and drummer Tyler Castro.

Earlier this year, SLOWBLEED entered The Pit Recording Studio (Nails, Xibalba, God’s Hate) with Taylor Young at the helm and recorded their first full-length. Having caught the ear of California-based Creator-Destructor Records, the label immediately signed the band and is preparing the LP for release at the start of 2022.

With the news of the signing, SLOWBLEED unleashes the new song “The Law (Atonement Through Blood)” embodied in a vicious video directed by Alex Castro, the song also featuring a guest vocal appearance by Taylor Young. Check it out HERE