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Test Pressing Giveaway Week!

Posted by admin on Feb.11, 2017


We’ve done this a handful of times in the past, and it always seems to excite people when we give away test pressings of our releases, so we’ve decided to do it yet again! This week we will be giving away two copies of a test pressing for a specific release every day. So for example, Monday might be a LIGHT THIS CITY test pressing, and Tuesday could be a MUTE test pressing…. You get it, yeah?

We’ll make a post everyday on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and TWO people who order ANY item from our online store that day will receive a copy of that day’s test pressing. Pretty easy and pretty cool, I’d say! So, make sure to tune in on Monday (and every other day next week) to see if you want to snag one of our releases’ test pressings! There are some great records being posted, so if you’re into collecting test presses of your favorite Creator-Destructor releases, make sure to pay attention to our social media!

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