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Episode 31: GULCH (Elliot Morrow & Cole Kakimoto)


Episode 31 has arrived after a few months of being relatively quiet on the podcast front, but have no fear, we’re kicking back into gear full force in 2019! This was an awesome talk – I went down to San Jose, CA to Cole from GULCH’s printshop, Printhead, and sat down with him and Elliot for an hour to talk about all things GULCH. We talk about work ethic, how Cole feels about being a new father, the differences in sound between Spinebreaker and Gulch, why the San Jose/Santa Cruz hardcore scenes are so strong, how the band started, how they write their songs, their no-shirt aesthetic, and so much more. Tune in and drop out!

Episode 30: Will Levy (The Story So Far)


We’re back with Episode 30 of the podcast – this time with the righteous Will Levy of THE STORY SO FAR! Will is a super chill guy and fellow Bay Area homie, and we sometimes meet up for coffee in Oakland to shoot the shit. We did that a few weeks ago and thought “Fuck it, let’s go do this on a podcast” – I’m glad we did, because it was a ton of fun, and we discuss lots of topics: getting angry, isolation tanks and cryotherapy, Steely Dan and how they polarize people, living in Berkeley, leaving Instagram and returning, whether our phones are listening to us, how small talk is awful, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jim Carrey movies, flying and how much it sucks, vocal harmonies, the new TSSF record and their change in sound, Tom Delonge, the Smashing Pumpkins, Japan, camping, living in New Zealand, Will’s love for Taco Bell, and so much more. Sidenote: If you want to play a drinking game while listening, take a shot every time one of us says “that’s sick”. Tune in, folks!

Episode 29: Frank Costa (Realms of Vision)


Episode 29 is a banger! The long-time shredder Frank Costa of REALMS OF VISION joins me in the apartment to talk about his time in ANIMOSITY and ENTHEOS, the intensity of the highs and lows of touring in his earlier years, switching from being a guitar player to a vocalist/frontman, the disbanding of ANIMOSITY, sobriety and learning from past mistakes, hitting personal lows and growing from those experiences, discipline and getting up at 5:30am, working out and it’s benefits, turning away from addictions and towards healthy habits, getting control of your mind, harnessing positivity through new creative outlets, the creation of REALMS OF VISION and what the band means to Frank, and so much more. Frank is the epitome an inspiring and talented musician, and an incredibly strong, admirable human being who has prevailed through life’s darkness in such an impressive way. Join us, will ya?

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