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HEARTSOUNDS Announce New Album, “Dualistic Nihilist”

Posted by admin on May.26, 2017


We are incredibly excited to announce the new HEARTSOUNDS album, “Dualistic Nihilist”! The band’s upcoming 4th offering is not your traditional full-length record, but instead a 20 minute long epic. One singular track, unlike anything the band has ever written. After writing 3 full-length records since the band’s formation in 2009, HEARTSOUNDS wanted to challenge themselves with something different – an endeavor more unique and exploratory of uncharted musical territory, combined with the lyrical recreation of a true story centered around severe mental illness and turmoil. Sonically, HEARTSOUNDS remains true to their roots of ripping fast, melodic punk rock, layered with dynamic vocal harmonies and heavy-metal inspired metallic riffs, while simultaneously taking steps into brand new musical territory. “Dualistic Nihilist” is certainly a risk, but one that has resulted in the most emotionally and musically expansive record that the band has ever created – a 20 minute journey that does not repeat itself nor overstay it’s welcome, but instead showcases a refreshing slice of razor-sharp melodic punk rock free of the confines of a traditional album structure.

“Dualistic Nihilist” will be available to stream/purchase digitally next Friday, June 2nd. Preorders for the LP/CD versions will launch that day, and will ship a few weeks later. There will be tons of awesome preorder package options, so keep your eyes out on Friday! One week and counting….

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WILDERNESS DREAM Announce “Paralysis Rise” EP!

Posted by admin on May.23, 2017


We are incredibly excited to announce the release of WILDERNESS DREAM’s upcoming “Paralysis Rise” EP! Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, the 7 deadly new songs that comprise the band’s upcoming thrash assault retain the same intensity and urgency that characterized the band’s debut self-titled EP release, while boasting similar misanthropic, nihilistic lyrical content. However, the listener will quickly notice that WILDERNESS DREAM have eliminated most remaining melody and lingering punk influences and replaced them with a doubled-down violent dose of dissonant, razor-sharp riffs and unpredictable, chaotic song structures. Tracks like “Spiritual Predator” and “The Observer” see the band at their most blistering speeds yet, thundering through every chainsaw-driven riff and tortured lyric without looking back, leaving the listener zero time to take a breath. At the same time, songs like “Venom”, “Ghosts”, and “No Light” see WILDERNESS DREAM bringing the tempos down to more stomping, punishing grooves, rounding out the band’s second EP release with numerous unique and refreshing moments of sonic domination.

“Paralysis Rise” was recorded in February-April of 2017 with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburgh, CA. The EP will be officially released on July 14th, 2017 via Creator-Destructor Records on 12″ EP Vinyl/Digital.

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POINT OF VIEW Announce “Vultures” EP, Premiere New Song!

Posted by admin on Apr.20, 2017


The day has come! We are so incredibly excited to share the first single off of POINT OF VIEW’s upcoming 12″ EP, “Vultures”, which will officially be released on May 12th! The fine folks over at New Noise Magazine have premiered the track “Wolves” – Check it out by clicking here!

POINT OF VIEW are no strangers to outstanding EP releases – 2013’s “Burner” EP showcased the band’s impressive ability to combine unconventional and lasting song-structures with extremely memorable vocal melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and tight-knit musicianship that left fans clawing more material. “Vultures” picks up where “Burner” left off, with a maturity in sound that will surely serve as a perfectly satisfying next dose of melancholy melodic punk rock in the form of 5 incredible new tracks.

“Vultures” was recorded in late 2016 with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios, and will be available on Purple/Yellow Swirl Colored Vinyl, with a digital download included. Preorder the 12″ Colored Vinyl EP in our online store. $10 only, and we ship everywhere!

The vinyl pressing is limited to 250pcs, while the EP will be distributed everywhere digitally, including our Bandcamp site, right here!

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RINGWORM / EARLY GRAVES Split 7″ Announced!

Posted by admin on Feb.17, 2016

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that Creator-Destructor Records will be releasing a brand new split 7″ from RINGWORM and EARLY GRAVES! The release will feature one new original from each band, and both bands even chose one cover to decimate!

RINGWORM covers MOTORHEAD’s “Iron Fist”, while EARLY GRAVES covers CELTIC FROST’s “Into the Crypts of Rays”. Trust us when we say that each cover completely destroys, but to hear those tracks you’ll have to PREORDER the 7″ for yourself!

Check out both original tracks at our BANDCAMP page, streaming now! There will only be one pressing of this release, limited to 500pcs on black vinyl, digital download included, so get yours today!

Listen to “Revenge” by EARLY GRAVES here!
Listen to “Innocent Blood” by RINGWORM here!

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WESTERN SETTINGS ‘Old Pain’ 10″ Preorder Launched!

Posted by admin on Feb.09, 2016


We are super excited to officially launch the preorder for WESTERN SETTINGS’ upcoming EP and Creator-Destructor debut, “Old Pain”. The first pressing of the record will be 500pcs, pressed on black vinyl, with a digital download included! We are all super excited about this release, as it is one of the most refreshing and honest releases that we’ve come across in a while. We love it, and we hope you all do too! Aside from the 10″ Black Vinyl, we are offering a preorder combo with an ‘Old Pain’ T-Shirt as well, for just $25 total!

Featuring six tracks of heart-wrenchingly honest, beer-soaked, San Diego punk, this EP takes you down, back up, and back down again in a way that is both unsettling, and extremely captivating. Produced by Chicken of DEAD TO ME, ‘Old Pain’ succeeds in delivering the hooks and catchiness of WESTERN SETTINGS’ punk-rock peers, while elevating the band’s sound to a new level of amazing! Stay tuned for more WESTERN SETTINGS news and Tour-Dates in the coming weeks, and definitely check out the band’s own label, LA ESCALERA RECORDS (San Diego), who will be handling the CD version of this release. Spread the love, people!

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WESTERN SETTINGS Join Creator-Destructor Records!

Posted by admin on Jan.26, 2016


Creator-Destructor Records is extremely honored to announce that San Diego’s WESTERN SETTINGS has joined the family! Featuring six tracks of heart-wrenchingly honest, beer-soaked, San Diego punk, “Old Pain” takes you down, back up, and back down again in a way that is both unsettling, and extremely captivating. Produced by Chicken of DEAD TO ME, ‘Old Pain’ succeeds in delivering the hooks and catchiness of WESTERN SETTINGS’ punk-rock peers, while elevating the band’s sound to a new level of maturity, introspection, and well let’s face it..pain.

Listen to ‘The Phenomenon’ from “Old Pain” by clicking here! You don’t want to sleep on this one, folks. Stay tuned for more WESTERN SETTINGS news and Tour-Dates in the coming weeks! The band’s own label, LA ESCALERA RECORDS (San Diego) will be handling the CD version of this release, so definitely head on over to their website to check out their collective of awesome bands and people!

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Creator-Destructor Podcast – Launching December 1st!

Posted by admin on Nov.20, 2015

PODCAST The first episode of the ‘Creator-Destructor Podcast’ will premiere on Tuesday, December 1st! I’ve spent the past few months planning this show, thinking about what I wanted to talk about, what interests me in particular about music and art, and why I feel compelled to get on the mic and sit down with people in the first place, in a way a LOT of other people are doing right now. Trust me, I’ve considered that. I think in a nutshell, I started the podcast in order to better understand the world of music around me, to try to pick the brains of people I look up to and admire, in order to gain some insight into their process, their lives, routines, etc. In going through these episodes, I’ve noticed that I’ve also used the show to vent a bit and talk about what confuses and bothers me, what gets me excited, and how I deal with the world around me.

I’ve been backlogging a lot of episodes with all kinds of super-interesting and awesome guests, which I’m thrilled about. We will release a new episode every Tuesday, reliably, so count on that! I will be talking to a lot of friends of mine for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, about whatever the fuck we want really. There is no blueprint to these conversations. I suppose most of them will be guided by what I’m interested in at the moment- not necessarily having to do with Creator-Destructor Records, but should be a fun listen nonetheless. So yeah, tune in, eh? See you on Tuesday, December 1st!

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SPINEBREAKER Preorders Launched / “River of Pain” Premiere!

Posted by admin on Nov.19, 2015


San Jose’s SPINEBREAKER have unloaded the maiden single from their upcoming debut “Ice Grave” LP, with the gory torrent of “River Of Pain”, through an exclusive at Blow The Scene!

SPINEBREAKER’s “Ice Grave” debut provides a soundtrack of raw, sonic death-metal annihilation in a world of human filth, greed, and corruption. Having slithered into the Bay Area hardcore and metal community over the past two years, the band’s explosive blend of European Inspired Death-Metal reflects pure audio destruction: not overly calculated, lightning-fast or technical, but reliably menacing and tremendously heavy. Through the twelve tracks that form “Ice Grave”, SPINEBREAKER reminds the listener of the glory days of 1990s Scandinavian, Swedish and American death metal in a way that is refreshing and punishing. While the band varies in tempo, sometimes grooving into Heartwork-era down-tuned riffage, and other times blasting their way through an onslaught of tremolo and thrash, the songs never cease to impress in their ability to maintain brutally heavy, while diverse and violent in their own way. In additional SPINEBREAKER news, we’ve launched the preorder of “Ice Grave” in our online store! Go grab your copy of the 180-gram Black Vinyl Preorder, which will ship out the week of the release- January 15th, 2016! Tour dates, additional tunes and more from SPINEBREAKER soon, so stay tuned, headbangers.

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LIGHT THIS CITY Reunion + ‘Stormchaser’ Double LP Preorder

Posted by admin on Sep.01, 2015


We are excited to announce that we will be releasing LIGHT THIS CITY’s 4th and Final 2008 LP, “Stormchaser” for the first time EVER on Vinyl! LIGHT THIS CITY came out of the Bay Area in 2002 and released 4 full-length albums on Prosthetic Records, finally disbanding in 2008. In that time, the band firmly established themselves as one of the country’s most exciting Melodic Death Metal bands. Featuring HEARTSOUNDS members Laura Nichol on Vocals and Ben Murray on Drums, this is definitely a must check-out for fans of Heavy Metal and HEARTSOUNDS alike! None of LIGHT THIS CITY’s full-length releases have ever received a Vinyl Treatment, so Creator-Destructor is incredibly thrilled to bring this album to life as a Double LP 180g. Vinyl Reissue! This pressing is extremely limited to 250pcs, so get yours before they are gone! While the Double-LP will be released in late 2015, preorders have begun through our online store, and are expected to go quickly, so don’t sleep on this one!

Furthermore, LIGHT THIS CITY has announced a one-off reunion show in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, November 8th @ The DNA Lounge alongside DARKEST HOUR, who will be headlining and celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band, as well as the 10 year anniversary of their ‘Undoing Ruin’ album, which they will be playing in full. Get stoked.

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