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HEARTSOUNDS Announce New Album, “Dualistic Nihilist”

Posted by admin on May.26, 2017


We are incredibly excited to announce the new HEARTSOUNDS album, “Dualistic Nihilist”! The band’s upcoming 4th offering is not your traditional full-length record, but instead a 20 minute long epic. One singular track, unlike anything the band has ever written. After writing 3 full-length records since the band’s formation in 2009, HEARTSOUNDS wanted to challenge themselves with something different – an endeavor more unique and exploratory of uncharted musical territory, combined with the lyrical recreation of a true story centered around severe mental illness and turmoil. Sonically, HEARTSOUNDS remains true to their roots of ripping fast, melodic punk rock, layered with dynamic vocal harmonies and heavy-metal inspired metallic riffs, while simultaneously taking steps into brand new musical territory. “Dualistic Nihilist” is certainly a risk, but one that has resulted in the most emotionally and musically expansive record that the band has ever created – a 20 minute journey that does not repeat itself nor overstay it’s welcome, but instead showcases a refreshing slice of razor-sharp melodic punk rock free of the confines of a traditional album structure.

“Dualistic Nihilist” will be available to stream/purchase digitally next Friday, June 2nd. Preorders for the LP/CD versions will launch that day, and will ship a few weeks later. There will be tons of awesome preorder package options, so keep your eyes out on Friday! One week and counting….

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WILDERNESS DREAM Announce “Paralysis Rise” EP!

Posted by admin on May.23, 2017


We are incredibly excited to announce the release of WILDERNESS DREAM’s upcoming “Paralysis Rise” EP! Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, the 7 deadly new songs that comprise the band’s upcoming thrash assault retain the same intensity and urgency that characterized the band’s debut self-titled EP release, while boasting similar misanthropic, nihilistic lyrical content. However, the listener will quickly notice that WILDERNESS DREAM have eliminated most remaining melody and lingering punk influences and replaced them with a doubled-down violent dose of dissonant, razor-sharp riffs and unpredictable, chaotic song structures. Tracks like “Spiritual Predator” and “The Observer” see the band at their most blistering speeds yet, thundering through every chainsaw-driven riff and tortured lyric without looking back, leaving the listener zero time to take a breath. At the same time, songs like “Venom”, “Ghosts”, and “No Light” see WILDERNESS DREAM bringing the tempos down to more stomping, punishing grooves, rounding out the band’s second EP release with numerous unique and refreshing moments of sonic domination.

“Paralysis Rise” was recorded in February-April of 2017 with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburgh, CA. The EP will be officially released on July 14th, 2017 via Creator-Destructor Records on 12″ EP Vinyl/Digital.

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“The Creator-Destructor Podcast” Returns!

Posted by admin on May.09, 2017


It’s been a year since we went silent, but “The Creator-Destructor Podcast” is back in action! We did 12 episodes in 2016 with the likes of numerous righteous creative-types and bands (Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, Murder By Death, etc), but a’las, the cruel hand of life caught up with us and the podcast got pushed to the side, but fear not! We are back with a renewed energy and sense of world domination, donned in new armor and ready to share all of our undeniably useless opinions to the masses, on just about anything and everything. You heard it here first people, the podcast is back with a vengeance and we plan on releasing an episode every week on Tuesdays!

I thought it was only appropriate to re-launch the podcast the way we launched it initially, with my best friend and bandmate, Laura Nichol – We talk for 2 hours about the new Heartsounds record, what’s been happening in our lives in the past year, and a shit-ton of other intensely fascinating topics. Some say that Laura and I have a “dynamic” that is rare, something only found in best friends (who used to be high-school sweethearts) who have also played in bands together their entire lives… Well, y’all can decide for yourselves. Regardless, it was a goddamn blast to setup the mics again and sit down with Ms. Nichol for two hours of friendshippppp. Give it a listen here!

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Creator-Destructor Showcase #2 – 5/13 in San Francisco, CA!

Posted by admin on Mar.30, 2017


We had such an awesome time hosting the first Creator-Destructor showcase last month in Oakland with some of our heavier bands, that we decided to do something similar with some of the punk bands on the label! On Saturday, May 13th, Heartsounds will headline El Rio in San Francisco, alongside the amazing Western Settings and Point of View! The show costs $10, starts at 9PM, and will be sure to leave you stoked.

HEARTSOUNDS have just finished up recording their 4th studio album, which will be announced/released in the coming months. The band has spent the past few years supporting their 2013 release, “Internal Eyes”, having toured with the likes of Strung Out, Face to Face, A Wilhelm Scream, and more. Expect TONS of news soon – We can’t wait to share the band’s new record with all of you!

San Diego’s WESTERN SETTINGS continue to support their 2016 Creator-Destructor debut, “Old Pain”, which has turned a lot of heads and allowed the band to tour the United States and Europe, make an appearance at The Fest 15, and secure a spot at the upcoming Pouzza Fest in Montreal, Canada.

San Jose’s POINT OF VIEW will be releasing the follow-up to their incredible 2015 EP, “Burner” in mid May, which contains 5 brand new tracks of melodic punk goodness. The first single will premiere in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep your eye out for that – We promise you, it will not disappoint. In fact, it might be your favorite release of the year!

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HEARTSOUNDS ‘Drifter’ Repress Now Available

Posted by admin on Apr.07, 2015


It’s been a while since we ran out of the first pressing of HEARTSOUNDS’ “Drifter” LP, so we decided to make another 250 copies of the band’s 2011 Epitaph/Creator-Destructor release for all the fans out there trying to complete their collection! This repress features 180g. Heavyweight ‘Electric Blue’ Vinyl w/ Multi-Colored Splatter, as well as a 350gsm heavyweight Matte Jacket! It looks and sounds great- Get your copy now by clicking here! As always, we ship everywhere!

The band will also have all three LPs for sale with them on their upcoming tour, so if you live in any of the cities below grab one at one of the shows!

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Internal Eyes

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Until We Surrender

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