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“The Creator-Destructor Podcast” Returns!

Posted by admin on May.09, 2017


It’s been a year since we went silent, but “The Creator-Destructor Podcast” is back in action! We did 12 episodes in 2016 with the likes of numerous righteous creative-types and bands (Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, Murder By Death, etc), but a’las, the cruel hand of life caught up with us and the podcast got pushed to the side, but fear not! We are back with a renewed energy and sense of world domination, donned in new armor and ready to share all of our undeniably useless opinions to the masses, on just about anything and everything. You heard it here first people, the podcast is back with a vengeance and we plan on releasing an episode every week on Tuesdays!

I thought it was only appropriate to re-launch the podcast the way we launched it initially, with my best friend and bandmate, Laura Nichol – We talk for 2 hours about the new Heartsounds record, what’s been happening in our lives in the past year, and a shit-ton of other intensely fascinating topics. Some say that Laura and I have a “dynamic” that is rare, something only found in best friends (who used to be high-school sweethearts) who have also played in bands together their entire lives… Well, y’all can decide for yourselves. Regardless, it was a goddamn blast to setup the mics again and sit down with Ms. Nichol for two hours of friendshippppp. Give it a listen here!

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