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Tag: Oakland Premieres WILDERNESS DREAM’s “No Light”

Posted by admin on Jul.07, 2017


From “Do you like crossover thrash with a little extra dose of heavy? Do your favorite albums of the year so far include the most recent releases from bands like Code Orange and Power Trip? Well then, boy oh boy, do we have a band for you: Wilderness Dream. This San Francisco wrecking crew carries on the grand tradition of Bay Area thrash, but their love of the two best cores, hard and grind, shines through in everything they do. The result is a lethally toxic sound that we just know you cats are gonna love.” Listen to “No Light” at Metal Injection right here!

Ben Murray, guitarist/vocalist for Wilderness Dreams and owner of the band’s label, Creator-Destructor Records, has this to say about the song:
“The Awakening is the third track on ‘Paralysis Rise’, and certainly one of the heaviest songs we’ve written, filled to the brim with our latest concoction of thrash metal and overwhelming misanthropy. The ending will hopefully make you want to destroy the human race…. At least that’s the goal!”

You can preorder WILDERNESS DREAM’s upcoming “Paralysis Rise” EP (out July 14th) by heading to our online store!

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