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SPINEBREAKER: Revolver Magazine Premiere!

Posted by admin on Dec.22, 2015


Revolver Magazine has premiered the savage “Internal Bleeding” from San Jose-based SPINEBREAKER’s impending “Ice Grave” debut LP, which is set for release on 1/15/16! Suffer from “Internal Bleeding” courtesy of SPINEBREAKER at Revolver RIGHT HERE. If you like what you hear, preorder the LP in our store!

To put it simply, SPINEBREAKER unloads pure audio destruction — not overly calculated, lightning-fast or technical, but reliably menacing and heavy. The twelve tracks that comprise “Ice Grave” remind the listener of the glory days of 90’s Scandinavian and American Death Metal Scenes in a way that is refreshing and punishing. While the band varies in tempo, sometimes grooving into Heartwork-era down-tuned riffage, and other times blasting their way through an onslaught of tremolo and thrash, the songs never cease to impress in their ability to maintain brutally heavy, while diverse and violent in their own way.

SPINEBREAKER’s Ice Grave debut provides a soundtrack of raw, sonic death-metal annihilation in a world of human filth, greed, and corruption. Having slithered into the Bay Area hardcore and metal community over the past two years, the band’s explosive blend of European death metal is fueled through a sound and tendency for intense live performances out of love for an array of d-beat, punk, hardcore.

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