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Cursed Blood



We are thrilled to announce the vinyl pressing of “Taker Of Life”, the deadly debut from Greek death/thrash outfit, CURSED BLOOD. The record is now streaming in its entirety and preorders have been posted HERE.

CURSED BLOOD formed at the beginning of 2019, in Athens, Greece. Although this act is new, all four members of the band have been involved in metal and punk bands for the past twenty to twenty-five years. Bassist Tilemachos Karatzas currently plays guitar in well-known underground death metal band Dead Congregation and black metal outfit Burial Hordes, vocalist Aris Panagopoulos also sings for hardcore/crust act Sarabante, drummer Nikos Prapas also plays with cult underground death metal band Vulnus, and guitarist Costa Kostopoulos formerly played with cult crust/death act Nuclear Winter (pre-Dead Congregation) and more recently, black/thrashers Satan’s Wrath.

The idea behind putting CURSED BLOOD together was to form a death metal band with a crust punk attitude, fueled by Entombed, Disfear, Autopsy, and alcohol. The band released their debut, Taker Of Life, on cassette in October 2019 through a small local underground label, Extreme Earslaughter. The tape sold out in a couple of weeks, and in February 2020 the band self-released a CD version through their own Katara Records. Now, Creator-Destructor Records will release Taker Of Life in a proper vinyl version in the USA in conjunction with War-Anthem Records who will be releasing in Europe/ROW.