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DARKNESS EVERYWHERE “The Seventh Circle” Out Now!

Posted by admin on Mar.14, 2022

The Seventh Circle, the debut from Oakland, California melodic death metal trio, DARKNESS EVERYWHERE is officially out now! Stream the record + order LPs/CDs/Merch via Bandcamp HERE:

DARKNESS EVERYWHERE unites vocalist/guitarist/drummer Ben Murray (Light This City, Wilderness Dream), guitarist Cameron Stucky (Crepuscle), and renowned producer engineer Zack Ohren on bass.

The Seventh Circle was recorded in late 2020 at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, engineered and produced by Zack Ohren, and completed with cover artwork by Samuel Nelson. Additionally, The Seventh Circle features guest vocals from Laura Nichol (Light This City) on “Survival Of The Sun,” by Xavier (Upon Stone) on “The Seventh Circle” and by John Henry (Darkest Hour) on the “The Grand Impact.”

With the record about to be issued into the public, Stucky reveals, “The Seventh Circle is the kind of album that Ben and I have been wanting to hear for the last twenty or more years. We both are very fond of the 1990s and early-2000’s Scandinavian melo-death scene, and before we ever sat down to write songs there was a clear vision to recreate the magic of that era as best as we could. Riffs, harmonies, and straight-to-the-point song structures are the hallmarks of this record, and I can only hope that fans of the genre will be satisfied.”