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Promo Cassette 2019
Promo Cassette 2019

DISMEMBERMENT Unleash “Once Forsaken”

Posted by admin on Oct.03, 2019

We are thrilled to premiere the first single from DISMEMBERMENT’s impending second album, Arc Of Ancients! Preorders for the record have also been issued with the new track. Check them both out via Bandcamp HERE!

In a time fueled by instant gratification and oversaturation, DISMEMBERMENT has chosen to avoid the common path. Since the band’s formation in the winter of 2010, the band has forged their own way, fueled by fierce determination and perseverance. Over recent years, DISMEMBERMENT has continued to grow into a well-oiled machine, booking their own shows, traveling, and recording and releasing albums on their own finances, while continually pushing themselves and their unique brand of metal to new heights.

States the band with the release of the “Once Forsaken” single, “Here at last! A new ripper hot off the press. Turn it up and bang your head!”

Arc Of Ancients will be released on LP, CD, and digital platforms through Creator-Destructor on October 18th.

CREPUSCLE Premiere “In the Winds of Glory”

Posted by admin on Oct.03, 2019

“In The Winds Of Glory” is the epic new single from Redwood City, California-based symphonic/melodic death metal quintet CREPUSCLE.Stream it now via Bandcamp HERE!

The eleven dynamic songs which create CREPUSCLE’s Heavenly Skies were heavily captured by the band, with all guitars, bass, and vocals recorded at founding member Eligio Tapia’s home studio during sessions over an entire year. The tracks were reamped by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios in San Mateo, who also recorded the drums and acoustic guitars, and handled mixing and mastering. Fitted with vibrant cover art by German artist Aerroscape, the Heavenly Skies LP is now completed for its release.

Offers the band of the “In The Winds Of Glory” track, “It’s a track unlike anything we have previously released. The folk metal influences are undeniable, and the tempo does not relent, making this one of the rare instances where we keep it fast all the way through. We hope you’re ready for battle and for some melodies to get stuck in your head.”

PISSED REGARDLESS Unleash “Halls of Hate”

Posted by admin on Oct.03, 2019

“Halls Of Hate” is the new single from San Diego metallic hardcore quintet PISSED REGARDLESS. The track has is the 2nd single to be released from the band’s impending Imperial Cult LP,

With the new single, PISSED REGARDLESS guitarist Sean Walker divulges, “‘Halls Of Hate’ was the second piece of material we wrote for the record. This was the song that challenged and motivated us to write a different record than we had ever done previously and made us comfortable with trying different sounds and styles in PR. Lyrically we wanted to state our disdain for how this country glorifies violence and murder of innocent people because it’s good for ratings. The world is soft and sick.”

Hear the new PISSED REGARDLESS scorcher “Halls Of Hate” RIGHT HERE.

Imperial Cult will see release on October 18th. Preorder your copy of the LP HERE and Bandcamp where “Three Decades” is also streaming, listen to that HERE. Tour dates and more to be announced soon!

CREPUSCLE Unleash “Heavenly Skies” / Launch Preorders!

Posted by admin on Sep.04, 2019

We are thrilled to premiere CREPUSCLE’s “Heavenly Skies”, the title track from the upcoming epic Double LP release, streaming now at Bandcamp!

CREPUSCLE’s epic and intense sound blend elements of melodic death metal and symphonic, orchestral finesse, delivering excellent songwriting and instantly infectious movements in the vein of Wintersun, Hypocrisy, Kalmah, and Insomnium. After a five-year wait, the band is now ready to unveil their long-awaited second album, Heavenly Skies.

The colored vinyl / digipak CD / T-shirt preorders have been launched in our online store!

Offers CREPUSCLE singer/guitarist Eligio Tapia, “We are thrilled to unleash this epic journey of an album upon the world. Featuring new influences and more ambitious compositions, we are ready to show the world how we have evolved as songwriters and musicians. Between the melodic death metal elements, we are known for grandiose, symphonic backings, folk infused melodies, hints of black metal, and melancholic doom instances, this album has something for everyone.”

PISSED REGARDLESS Announce “Imperial Cult” LP

Posted by admin on Aug.23, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Imperial Cult”, the venomous new 12″ LP from San Diego’s hardcore destroyers in Pissed Regardless! Having released a demo and two vicious 7″s since their formation, “Imperial Cult” marks the band’s first full-length offering, featuring 10 tracks of pure insanity.

You can stream the first track off the record, “Three Decades”, via Bandcamp by clicking HERE. You can also preorder the record digitally to get the high quality files a week early!

Guitarist Sean Walker explains, “We really wanted to challenge ourselves to do something different when the material for this record started taking shape.  While trying to keep our roots, we wanted to experiment with other sounds and styles.  Ultimately we wanted to write a RECORD, not just track songs that we had written over the last year.”

We’ve also launched the vinyl preorders of the album, including two different colored vinyl variants. The 1st pressing is limited to 250pcs and includes a digital download. Preorder by clicking HERE.

HELLHORSE Announce “Paradise Lost” 12″ EP

Posted by admin on Aug.20, 2019

Boston, MA-based metalcore masters HELLHORSE have announced the upcoming release of their 2nd EP, “Paradise Lost”, which will be unleashed on the world October 4th –  The record’s first single, “Undertow,” is now playing in conjunction with the release of preorders, tour dates, and more.  Listen to the track via Bandcamp HERE!

“Paradise Lost” was recorded in spring of 2019 at Labyrinth Audio in Peabody, MA, engineered by Kevin Gentile and Nick Twohig. Mixing duties were handled by Sonny DiPerri, and the album was mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering. The band went with Chris Smith for the album artwork and layout, who also handled the Old Dystopia art.

HELLHORSE has also released a run of tour dates surrounding the release of the EP. Check those out HERE!

CREPUSCLE Joins Creator-Destructor Records + New Album!

Posted by admin on Jul.30, 2019

We are thrilled to welcome Redwood City, California symphonic/melodic death metal quintet CREPUSCLE to the label! Their upcoming double LP, Heavenly Skies is set for a release in October. Additionally, CREPUSCLE will support labelmates Light This City on their tour through the Southwest US this week.

CREPUSCLE – a reference to the time of day immediately following sunset – independently released their debut full-length, Draconian Winter in 2014 to critical acclaim, including a sponsorship from ESP Guitars. The band’s epic and intense songs blend elements of melodic death metal and symphonic, orchestral finesse, delivering excellent songwriting and instantly infectious movements in the vein of Wintersun, Hypocrisy, Kalmah, and Insomnium. After a five-year wait, the band is now ready to unveil their long-awaited second album, Heavenly Skies.

The track listing for CREPUSCLE’s Heavenly Skies and its cover art by German artist Aerroscape have been posted.. Watch for new updates including audio premieres, preorders, and more to be posted in the days ahead.

DISMEMBERMENT Joins Creator-Destructor Records

Posted by admin on Jul.18, 2019

We are proud to welcome Ohio death metal savages DISMEMBERMENT to the our roster, with the band’s second album, Arc Of Ancients, planned for an October release.

It is only now, with the impending release of their second LP, Arc Of Ancients, that the truly destructive nature of DISMEMBERMENT’s sound is fully apparent. Completed in recent days, the band has taken their unique blitzkrieg black-thrash attack even further, expanding on the band’s sound from the prior album, Embrace The Dark, yet reinforcing their sound with the ferocity of their earlier recordings. Arc Of Ancients was recorded and mixed by the band, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, and as with prior releases, the album artwork was handled by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov. 

Arc Of Ancients will be released on LP, CD, and digital platforms through Creator-Destructor on October 18th. Watch for audio samples, preorders, and more on Arc Of Ancients to be issued in the days ahead, with tour dates to also be posted throughout the coming months.

GYGAX “High Fantasy” LP/CD Officially Out Now!

Posted by admin on Jul.01, 2019

GYGAX’s highly anticipated third full length record, “High Fantasy” is officially out! The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s a fan consensus that it’s the band’s best album yet. Bandcamp crowned the record “album of the day” last week, and offered up a nice review too! Check that out by clicking HERE.

The preorders for the CDs/LPs/Merch have all been shipped out, but you can still get your copy by heading to our online store. The purple/blue vinyl version has sold out, but there are two versions remaining – However, this first pressing is running low, so get yours before they run out.

In other GYGAX news, the band is planning a video for “Light Bender”, and are in the process of booking a “High Fantasy” East Coast/West Coast US Tour. More news on all that soon!

Listen to “High Fantasy” HERE!

SPINEBREAKER Announces 2019 Promo Cassette Tape

Posted by admin on Jun.15, 2019

San Jose, CA’s death metal destroyers in Spinebreaker have reemerged from their Ice Grave, unleashing a devastating new promo cassette tape for 2019! This beast features one original new song entitled “The Cost of Innocent Life” and an Agnostic Front cover of “Power”, and will be made on ‘Blood Red’ transparent tapes.

The two new tracks were recorded by Cole Kakimoto and Julien Perez, and mixed/mastered by Charles Toshio in San Jose, CA. Artwork for the release was handled by Isaiah Castillo

Stream the tracks / preorder the digital release via Bandcamp by clicking HERE!

Preorder the Cassette / “Cost of Innocent” Life T-Shirt in our STORE!

Spinebreaker previously released their debut full-length, “Ice Grave” via Creator-Destructor in January of 2016 in LP/Digital formats.

DECIBEL Premieres Cold Curse “Burning” / Preorders Launched!

Posted by admin on Jun.05, 2019

Decibel Magazine have premiered the next COLD CURSE single from their upcoming “Violent Measure” 7″ release – You can streaming “Burning” HERE!

COLD CURSE‘s Violent Measure was recorded by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Basement in Santa Ana, California, and completed with artwork by Manuscript Of Death. With four pummeling tracks, Violent Measure is a ripping introduction to this volatile act, and a must-hear for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Nails, Black Breath, and All Pigs Must Die. 

Guitarist/vocalist Cole Berber offers of the “Burning” single, “It’s about tyranny, power, and the results of bad choices and actions that can’t be undone. Damage so cruel that its legacy is permanent and always in the back of the mind of the future.” 

“Set your Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedals to 11, and tune into Creator-Destructor Records’ latest singing COLD CURSE,” offers Decibel with their premiere of the “Burning” single. “If you dig on early ’90s-styled Swedeath run through a Trap Them filter, you’d need to jam this.”

Preorders the 7″ HERE!


Posted by admin on Jun.03, 2019

The Bay Area’s melodic death metal quintet in LIGHT THIS CITY have announced a short run of shows in Arizona and Texas, alongside fellow Bay Area symphonic melodic death thrashers, Crepuscle! This tour marks Light This City’s first time back to these states since their disbanding in 2008.

The band continues to support their 2018 reunion album “Terminal Bloom” , having recently completed tours in Japan and Mexico. Furthermore, Light This City have announced a European tour in September, which will be the band’s first conquest of Europe. Stay tuned for more info and details!

LIGHT THIS CITY have also added some new merchandise to our online store, including new embroidered patches, zip-up hoodies, and a few new T-Shirt designs. One of the new designs is called the “Discography” shirt, which features every song title the band has ever released, in the color scheme of it’s corresponding album. The band’s entire discography is listed, making up the shape of the words “LIGHT THIS CITY” – It is madness, and we’re selling them for $25 – check them out and grab one for yourself HERE!

Purchase Light This City’s “Terminal Bloom” LP/CD HERE

Stream / purchase “Terminal Bloom” digitally on BANDCAMP

Stream / purchase Crepuscle’s latest LP, “Draconian Winter” on BANDCAMP

GYGAX Premiere New Single / Preorders Launched!

Posted by admin on May.21, 2019

GYGAX have released the first single from their impending third LP, High Fantasy, set for release on June 21st! Listen to that by clicking HERE!

Preorders have also been launched for the new album, including 3 variants of colored vinyl, a digital CD, and some exclusive new merch items as well. Get your copy secured now by heading over to our online store!

Just over a year after the release of their acclaimed “2nd Edition” LP, GYGAX returns with their third, and most triumphant album to date, High Fantasy. The band’s fantastic storylines come blazing to life in the nine brand new tracks on the new LP, which surges with powerful riffs, killer harmonization, and unavoidable hooks from beginning to end. “High Fantasy” was recorded live in GYGAX’s hometown of Ventura, California, with former guitar player Armand Tambouris at the helm. As with their prior album, the High Fantasy artwork was completed by Fares Maese.

Listen to “Hide Mind,” the first single from GYGAX’s High Fantasy LP, via YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

COLD CURSE Joins Creator-Destructor Records / Announce 7″

Posted by admin on May.20, 2019

Creator-Destructor Records is proud to welcome California’s COLD CURSE to the label’s ever evolving and growing roster.  Hailing from both Northern and Southern California, COLD CURSE is a metallic hardcore/death metal crossover act that initially started along the coast of Central California. Blending elements of 90’s Death Metal, Thrash, and Hardcore, COLD CURSE have certainly already left their unique mark on the California HC Scene.

Since 2013, the band has released an EP entitled “Oblivion”, as well as an additional demo.  The band are no strangers to the road, having most recently toured with Los Angeles hardcore act MOMENTUM. The band has also shared the stage with the likes of Twitching Tongues, Code Orange, War Hungry, Gulch, Spinebreaker, Drain, Hands of God, Vamachara, Gatecreeper, Fuming Mouth and many more.  Their upcoming 7” EP, “Violent Measure” is slated for a July 26th release via Creator-Destructor.   You can listen to the track, “Clandestine” and preorder the digital release on Bandcamp HERE – 7″ vinyl preorder will launch next week!

GYGAX Announce New Album “High Fantasy”

Posted by admin on May.08, 2019

Ventura, California fantasy metal warriors GYGAX have completed their third LP, “High Fantasy”, now confirmed for a June 21st release date.

GYGAX has stormed through 2018 and 2019 playing live in support of their acclaimed second album, Second Edition. Drenched in influence from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and Thin Lizzy, the album showcased the band’s top-notch musicianship through a fiery onslaught of infectious grooves and pristine hooks.

Just over a year after the release of “2nd Edition”, GYGAX returns with their third, and most triumphant album to date, “High Fantasy”.  The band’s fantastic storylines come blazing to life in the nine brand new tracks on the new LP. Surging with powerful riffs and unavoidable hooks, High Fantasy was recorded live in The Captain’s Quarters Studios in the band’s hometown of Ventura, California, with former guitar player Armand Tambouris at the helm.  As with their prior album, the “High Fantasy” artwork was completed by Fares Maese, who is also a renowned artist through his works in the gaming community, including Warhammer, Pathfinder, and more.

Check out the full tracklisting and info HERE!