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HEARTSOUNDS “Dualistic Nihilist” Out Now!

Posted by admin on Jun.02, 2017


The highly anticipated 4th album from the Bay Area’s HEARTSOUNDS has arrived! “Dualistic Nihilist” is not your traditional full-length record, but instead a singular 20 minute long epic – an endeavor more unique and exploratory of uncharted musical territory, combined with the lyrical recreation of a true story revolving around severe mental illness and turmoil. Sonically, HEARTSOUNDS remains true to their roots of ripping fast, melodic punk rock, categorized more specifically by dynamic vocal harmonies, heavy-metal inspired metallic riffs, and tight-knit musicianship.

While honoring their past, the band succeeds with venturing into new regions of melody and expression that will surely surprise and please long-time fans of the band. “Dualistic Nihilist” is certainly a risk, but one that has resulted in the most emotionally and musically expansive record that the band has ever created – a 20 minute journey that does not repeat itself nor overstay it’s welcome, but instead showcases a refreshing slice of razor-sharp melodic punk rock free of the confines of a traditional album structure.

Listen to “Dualistic Nihilist” + Purchase Digitally here!
Preorder the 12″ LP/CD/T-Shirts here!

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